Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford | JN202 Cross-Media Storytelling (W 2018; W 2017)

Course Instructor, Digital Media and Journalism Program, Faculty of Liberal Arts
  • Combined lecture + lab format included instruction in Word Press, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Twine, and Adobe Premiere;
  • Coursework included both critical writing and project-based production assignments;
  • Topics covered included theories of intermedia and narrative, transmedia storytelling, interactive fiction and hypertext, cross-media storytelling and news media, transmedia television, interactive cinema and documentary, and mobile and digital narratives.

York University | SOSC 4361 6.0 Law, Culture & Representation (FW 2015-16; FW 2012-13)

Course Director, Department of Social Science, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Prepared academic skills workshops on research strategies, digital reference management tools, and pre-writing strategies.
  • Implemented a variety of student engagement techniques to stimulate seminar discussion.
  • Employed Moodle and Edmodo for online discussion and grading.
  • Used collaborative mind-mapping exercises to seed thinking and generate class discussion.

University of Toronto Mississauga | CCT382 H5F Edutainment: Immersive Learning (F 2015)

Sessional Instructor, Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology
  • Blended theory, critical thinking and practical web production design skills in course on games for learning.
  • Students designed and built a web-based prototype for an immersive learning experience.
  • A critical design analysis assignment required students to employ user interface design techniques to analyze assumptions made about users as expressed in the layout, functionality and visual design of a learning game or website.

York University | COMN3315 6.0 Advertising & Society (FW 2011-12)

Tutorial Leader, Department of Communication Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Led 2 weekly 1-hour tutorials.
  • Developed student engagement exercises such as a Jeopardy game format exam review.
  • Used Moodle, WebCT, and OThree LMS systems for course management and TA blogging.

York University | COMN2312 9.0 Information, Technology & Society (FW 2010-11)

Tutorial Leader, Department of Communication Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Led weekly 2-hour foundations tutorial.
  • Developed academic skills workshops for improving critical thinking, research, and essay writing skills.
  • Prepared tutorial materials including group work, discussion prompts and multimedia materials.

York University | FACS1939 3.0 Interactive New Media Art: An Introduction (Fall 2009)

Studio Instructor, Digital Media Program, Faculty of Fine Arts / School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
  • Studio Instruction of Mac OSX, FTP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, blogging, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie and Processing.
  • Responsible for grading two lab sections, 50 students in total.
  • Invited guest lecture for 175-student lecture: “Copyright and Creativity”.
  • Preparation of XHTML and CSS lab tutorials for course director and fellow studio instructors.
  • Used Edmodo for course management and online student engagement.